A shocking case of theft from the heritage site Rocks By Rail has come to our attention.  If anyone has any information please call the police on the numbers provided below.

Between the night of Tuesday March 13 and the morning of Thursday March 15, 2018 metal thieves broke into storage units of the 1308 Trust, restoring Hudswell Clarke & Co locomotive No.1308 ‘RHOS’ at its base at Rocks By Rail – The Living Ironstone Museum at Cottesmore, Rutland.

The list of missing parts is extensive. Most of these parts are stamped with the locomotive’s makers number.

If anyone in the preservation world is offered these components, I urge you to contact Leicestershire Constabulary on 101 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111, crime reference is 18000118895.

The items include:

Vacuum exhauster

Vacuum setter and handle

Vacuum relief valve

Non Return Valve for Vacuum system

Vacuum gauge

Steam pressure gauge

Turret for locomotive

Blower valve

Steam whistle valve

Steam locomotive whistle

2 X Water valves

2 X steam injectors

2 X steam inlet valves

2 X sets of water gauge frames

2 X sets water gauge frame protectors

Steam brake valve

Blow down valve for locomotive boiler

Left Hand and Right hand big end brasses Left and Right hand leading coupling rod bearings Left and right Hand driving coupling rod bearings Left and Right hand trailing coupling rod bearings Piston steam glands left and right hand

8 X Non return valves from oil lubrication system Left and right hand little end bearings

2 X main steam pipes from boiler to valve chests

2 X steam feed pipes to injectors

2 X injector feed pipes from injectors to clack valves Phosphor bronze stock material various sizes and lengths Copper tube approx. 5” diameter 2 ft. long Large rivet gun (backing up gun) Smaller rivet gun Bag of propane/oxygen burning gear

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